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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Good Neighbors

Good neighbors may not be the best thing one can have in life, but the list of better ones is mighty short. We are fortunate to live among a mix of good citizens who welcomed us, despite our kicking up dust with noisy house construction for what seemed an interminable time.

The folks directly across our unpaved road are super neighbors, always ready with a friendly wave or a helping hand. And they are plant people, whose yard is a peaceful refuge of beautiful ornamentals. Their bougainvillea lights up the neighborhood on this Christmas Day.

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  1. A very lovely photo, Darrel, and some even lovelier words. You and Laurie are also great neighbors.You alls place is like a lovely flower in bloom; constantly attracting......we do love what you have done with old man Campbells place. Vis-a-vi Tom