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Sunday, October 9, 2016

ELW 2016

It's that time of year--- the sixth annual edition of Greater Sarasota Eat Local Week begins October 22. Full disclosure: I'm on the Board of Directors of Transition Sarasota, the group that puts the whole thing together.

“TS” is a non-profit organization that seeks to make America local again, or at least move the right amount in that direction. It's not a politically oriented group. Our membership ranges from greenies to Tea Partiers, all in agreement that we would rather buy fruit from southwest Florida than southwest Chile. Nothing against our Chilean friends. We just think the world has gotten too big, at the expense of local food, local business, and local community.

Once again there's an amazing variety of ELW events. The details are at the ELW web page. And of course there's a Facebook page, and a Twitter feed, etc.

Of particular interest to fruit tree enthusiasts:

Our own MRFC event, the tour of the rare fruit tree collection at Palma Sola Park, is at 10:00 a. m. on Sunday, October 23. If you haven't been to the park for a while, or if you have, this will be a great time to hang out with fellow club members, enjoy the wonderful collection of fruiting plants, and share our enthusiasm with other attendees. If we don't sign up some new members, we aren't trying hard enough!

Our sister club, the Tropical Fruit Society of Sarasota, has made their regular club meeting at 6:30 on Tuesday, October 25 an Eat Local Week event. It's at their new location this year, the beautiful Sarasota Garden Club, and the presentation will be Making Wine From Your Tropical Fruit. It's by two TFSS members: Tony Hemmer, who uses a very scientific approach, and Nick Ostrye, a winemaking traditionalist. I've had Dr. Hemmer's lychee wine, and it is excellent. The presentation includes samples, all adding up to about one 5 oz glass. What a great way to use all that leftover starfruit…

Finally, the closing advertisement: I'm giving my Fruit Tree Paradise Workshop again, on Saturday, October 29 from 2:00 to 5:00. There is a $25 fee that goes to Transition Sarasota. But for those for whom the fee is a burden, I'm happy to give partial or full scholarships--- no one will be turned away, as long as there is space available. Enrollment is limited to 20 or so, but if we do exceed the maximum, I'll offer a repeat a couple of weeks later for any who couldn't get into the October 29 class.

The goals of the class are to inspire, and to help people avoid the beginner mistakes that are so easy to make. The class was well-received by those who took it last spring, and I intend to continue it spring and fall, as long as there are folks wanting to attend. Needless to say, the class is not aimed at the more experienced growers who make up most of the MRFC and TFSS memberships, but please pass the word along to those who could benefit.

And here's a photo from last spring's class. Some guy who looks a lot like me, but obviously takes himself far too seriously.

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